Will furry go blurry?

Madhavi Desai   -   17th Oct 23   -   679  

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Will furry go blurry?
  Madhavi Desai   -   17th Oct 23 

Will furry go blurry?

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Apart from the fact that Artificial Intelligence boosts creativity, its growing addiction is radically transforming daily lives. 

Amongst the latest gadgets hitting the market are the AI-powered pets that may soon replace household pets. AI-powered pets have robotic-like structures built with sensors and cameras and programmed to mimic real animal behaviours. It can adapt to users' behaviour through voice commands or display of emotions. These mechanical machines may outshine real pets with qualities like constant companionship, low maintenance, no allergy exposure or restrictions, and the benefit of improving mental health.

If these mechanical pets are designed to perform a monotonous set of tasks, will the investment reveal a notable amount of disinterest amongst its owners?

- Madhavi Desai


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