The partitioned servers

Madhavi Desai   -   10th Oct 21   -   452  

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The partitioned servers
  Madhavi Desai   -   10th Oct 21 

The partitioned servers

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Setting the pace in the world of information technology by dividing the processing power of a physical server into multiple virtual servers with the help of virtualization software, Server virtualization has dramatically improved the storage technology coupled with its explosive growth in the past years.

Serving as a foundation for cloud computing and hybrid information technology, the software architecture of server virtualization allows the partitioned virtual servers to act as a unique physical device running their own applications and operating system. Armed with advantages like reduction in physical servers, efficient energy consumption, faster server provisioning and deployment, independent user environment for programmers, better disaster recovery, and affordable web hosting, server virtualization is capable to address the challenges within a physical infrastructure. Greatly reducing the capital and operational expenditure, server virtualization has become a basic requirement bringing positive transformations for companies of all sizes.

Dominating the data centers lauding flexibility, scalability, and agility with multiple virtual machines running on the same physical server at the same time, will the performance of multiple virtual servers be hindered, if the main server lacks sufficient power?



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