Survival, Stabilisation & Growth

Hardik Desai   -   11th Sep 20   -   14062  

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Survival, Stabilisation & Growth
  Hardik Desai   -   11th Sep 20 

Survival, Stabilisation & Growth

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COVID-19 has a significant impact on the technology sector.
Supported by the local authorities,  the most impacted businesses are managing their existence & survival. These businesses may resonate in the dilemma of survival & stabilization for the next 2 years resulting in stagnant growth.

The disruption through proactive theories by technology providers has caused an acceleration of remote working, which has shaped new dimensions in the IT Sector. It has created direct demand for cost reduction initiatives, public cloud, automation, security space.

Most of the giants are leveraging the public cloud to a minimal, but the pandemic has created new demand to shift over the cloud. Increased overnight demands to streamline the development teams for quick and multi-skilled delivery has become an affordable solution for survival. Repeated processes are been heavily automated through various process automation, with an intense focus on cyberspace creating a new era.

The focal of the impacted industries is to choose their strategic partner capable to stand by them in this crisis. The vendor consolidation will be a key focus of these businesses.

I strongly believe that the crisis is an opportunity for the IT sector.

- Hardik Desai


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