Parallel Computing Paradigm

Madhavi Desai   -   5th Dec 21   -   1098  

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Parallel Computing Paradigm
  Madhavi Desai   -   5th Dec 21 

Parallel Computing Paradigm

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Supporting the captivating theory of parallelism and dominating its presence through multicore processors in laptops and mobile phones, Parallel computing has remarkably revolutionized the ways we connect with each other.

Breaking down a larger problem into independent, multiple smaller tasks that can be processed at the same time, parallel computing architecture uses multiple processors in combination or multiple machines in a network, greatly reducing the time to solution. Capable to perform the exhaustive digital tasks faster than serial computing, Parallel computing can surprisingly solve complex problems matching the pace of the escalating data world. Outshining the benefits of multitasking, concurrency, time and cost savings and reducing complexity, the concept of parallel computing is influencing various industries.

Housed in an infrastructure, where multiple processors are installed in a server rack to simultaneously process the computational request, will this multicore architecture of parallel computing be overwhelmed with its high power consumption?



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