Optical Character Recognition

Madhavi Desai   -   27th Feb 22   -   714  

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Optical Character Recognition
  Madhavi Desai   -   27th Feb 22 

Optical Character Recognition

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Eliminating the tedious task of manual data entry with faster data processing abilities, Optical Character Recognition also known as OCR is a business solution capturing the landscape of graphical character recognition.

Referred also as text recognition, the technology of OCR uses a scanner to convert the physical documents or images containing printed, typed or handwritten text into digitized text data that can be machine-readable. The OCR software converts the scanned images into a black and white version wherein black color represents the characters and white the background. With the help of pattern recognition to recognize the characters or feature recognition to detect the lines and strokes of the characters, characters are identified and converted into ASCII codes that can be easily handled by computer systems. OCR technology has become a business necessity helping businesses to transition towards digitalization by capturing, evaluating, and maintaining sensitive data and holding its promise of monitoring efficient workflow across various sectors.


Enhancing customer experience by setting brilliant examples like google translate, automatic number plate recognition, checking-in to airports and hotels, capturing sensitive information in banking, insurance, and legal and scanning reports in healthcare, can the increasing interest in digitalization relying on OCR technology guarantee 100% accuracy?



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