Operational Technology

Madhavi Desai   -   28th Nov 21   -   365  

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Operational Technology
  Madhavi Desai   -   28th Nov 21 

Operational Technology

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Controlling the world of machinery and cloaked in the air of invincibility, Operational technology is holding a firmer grasp proliferating the industrial processes in every sector.

Embracing the hardware that are the physical machines like robots, machinery and field devices and the software systems like Programmable Logic Controllers, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems, Distributed Control systems etc that control, monitor and interface with the physical machines, Operational technology plays an important role modernising the way of life. This combination of using hardware and software to control industrial equipment is capable to perform a variety of tasks ranging from monitoring critical infrastructure to controlling machinery. Operational technology is interfacing with the physical world and upgrading the economy with brilliant application examples like elevators, cranes, robots, surveillance systems, transport systems, scientific equipment etc.

With the integration of cloud environment and Artificial Intelligence automating the operational technology systems with digital controllers, will this interconnected environment face cyber security issues?



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