Multiexperience Technology

Madhavi Desai   -   22nd May 22   -   213  

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Multiexperience Technology
  Madhavi Desai   -   22nd May 22 

Multiexperience Technology

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As the technological revolution accelerates at an unprecedented scale, businesses are playing eager beavers with their pioneering spirits to improvise customer experience.

The advent of multiexperience technology has led the digital world to undergo a 180-degree turn with a focus on the evolution of technologies that understand people better. Multiexperience technology involves seamless customer experience with one application across a variety of digital touchpoints like websites, mobile apps, chatbots, augmented reality, virtual reality, wearables, etc, while leveraging a combination of modalities like voice, text, touch, vision, and motion. The advancement of multiexperience technology has provided a route for businesses to go beyond the traditional ways of connecting with customers broadening their journeys with fabulous experiences tailored for each customer, their context, the touchpoints, and interaction modalities they choose to execute their activity.

Moving spearheaded across the length and breadth of digital landscape to become the future of app development and replacing technology-literate people with people-literate technology, has the state-of-the-art multiexperience technology reached the grounds of influentiality?



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